KJ Speaks Easy | Comeback Season:The Untapped Art of Mastering Your Resilience
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Comeback Season:The Untapped Art of Mastering Your Resilience


We have all been through rough times. We have all felt embarrassed because of the mistakes we have made. One thing is for certain; we all have the ability to bounce back. Comeback Season; The Untapped Art of Mastering Your Resilience, is the perfect marriage between autobiographical and self-help experience. The book delves deep into the personal life of the author and in great detail describes his storms. It does this while concurrently inviting you to find yourself in these stories and providing you with tools you can use in your own bounce back. Comeback Season is written to help empower people to embrace their bad times as opportunities to grow and become stronger. After reading the book, it is the author’s hope that more people realize their power, even in the bad times. Resilience is an underutilized character trait when we speak about others, and ourselves but it is the very thing that empowers us to believe.


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